Should you Hire an Agent?

In the world wide web of ‘how to’s and self help videos’ we can all pretty much perform an online search for instructions to accomplish almost anything we would like done.

This concept may be okay for tasks such as, how to use our favorite gadgets and electronics, unclog a drain, sew a button back onto a shirt, cook a particular meal, how to draw, and even how to dance.

However; selling a home is not so ‘cut and dry’. Once you decide to sell, it’s not surprising that things hardly ever go as planned. The key is to anticipate possible ‘bumps in the road’; and to have a predetermined plan of action already in place to address them. There will be hiccups along the way and you must be prepared to make accurate, timely decisions and adjustments. While you are in the process of selling your home, it is not a good idea to simply cross your fingers and hope that everything turns out okay.

More than likely you know a real estate agent that is willing to list your home for you; or maybe you know someone that can recommend an agent to you. Note that not all agents are created equal.

Like any other profession, there are great and not so great agents. Also, keep in mind that just because someone you know used a particular agent means that the same agent will be a good fit for you. It’s good idea to explore your options and consider multiple candidates before settling on the status quo.

Benefits of hiring a REALTOR®

  • potential buyers are pre-screened
  • first hand access to true comps
  • accurate knowledge of the process
  • current knowledge of local housing trends
  • access to a pool of buyers via professional networking
  • acts as a ‘buffer’ by managing demanding buyer concessions
  • ability to professionally resolve issues that may arise
  • access to reputable vendors (lenders, appraisers, attorneys, etc)
  • access to industry professionals (ability to market locally and globally)
  • in-depth knowledge of contracts and associated documents
  • knowledge of the business and can answer any questions you may have
  • ensure you understand the purchase and sale contract (just like the market, contracts can change at any time- not being aware of such changes can result in major consequences or penalties)
  • the housing markets adjusts everyday- REALTORS® are among the 1st to know of such changes which directly affects the sale of your home
  • most buyers are represented by agents- who work on their behalf which will automatically give them the upper hand if you sell without your own representation
  • your Realtor will ensure that deadlines in the contract are met and remind you of important tasks to be preformed
  • homes listed with a real estate professional tend to sell faster
  • make you aware of current rules and regulations associated with selling a home (agents are aware of lending and legal guidelines)
  • convenience- if you’re really want to sell quickly and for the highest price the market will bare, a lot of time and effort should be dedicated to doing just that (your REALTOR® should be a full time professional
  • statistics prove that homes ‘for sale by owner’ take longer to sell and ultimately sell for less than if listed by an agent (even the CEO of ‘for sale by owner’ used a real estate agent to sell his home)

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