Attracting Buyers

How Do You Attract Qualified Buyers?

The number 1 goal when selling your home is to attract buyers. Since it is extremely rare that you will be the only person in the neighborhood with a home ‘for sale’, it is vital that there is something that separates your home from the others.

Below is a list of basic ‘must does’ to help you achieve this:

  • organize & de-clutter (be meticulous)
  • clean (deep clean cabinets, tubs, ceiling fans, under beds, garage)
  • paint (consider neutrals if it’s in budget)
  • change or update hardware (interior door handles, faucets etc.)
  • paint the front door & put out a new door mat
  • update front door handle, door bell & exterior lights
  • landscape, add plants/flowers, power wash driveways & siding to enhance curb appeal
  • paint or replace mailbox (ensure house # is visible)
  • avoid strong fragranced scents (many people are sensitive to this)

The infamous quote; ‘you only get one chance to make a first impression’ tends to hold true especially when selling a home. Unfortunately; no matter how much you de-clutter, mow the lawn, trim hedges, clean and follow all of the wonderful  ideas on your checklist, buyers won’t be lined up at your door waiting to get in if your home isn’t marketed properly.

Without the right exposure and marketing strategy, your home could ‘sit on the market’ longer than necessary. ‘Days on market’ will usually determine how much a buyer will offer on a home. The longer a home ‘sits on the market’; the more leverage buyers will feel they have in offering below the asking price.

The more exposure your home has, the more opportunity there is to reach the right buyer for your home. Any real estate professional can sell your property; however the main differentiator is how well your home is marketed, and to what degree.

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